Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scrapbook from Scrap

I somehow convinced myself that making a scrapbook from scrap up would be a brilliant idea. I've just barely begun, but so far it's actually working out quite well for somebody who has a tendancy to become all thumbs.  Here is the beginnig of a story bound to have many chapters ;)
1. Gathered supplies: 2 pieces of Cardboard (thin, soda box type which I cut to be slightly larger than standard paper size), two fat quarters in polka dot print, black cardstock and grosgrain ribbon. I already owned these items, making this a (so far) F-R-E-E project. 
2. Whipped out my best buddy Hot Glue (a must for anyone who has nightmares of sewing day I WILL WIN!) and wrapped one fat quarter around piece of cardboard present-wrapping style.
3. Hot glued a piece of black cardstock to the inside for a stiff cover & to cover fabric edges.
4. Hot glued gross grain ribbon on the back cover so I can wrap it around to the front for decorative closure.
5. Assembled the inner workings of the scrapbook: 3-hole punched more black cardstock for pages and threw in a few plain envelopes in different sizes just for variety. I bought a package of binder rings ($3.99 for a package of 6 --which means I get to make TWO books--and then used the good old 40% coupon at Michaels).
6. And here's my book all tied up and ready to be filled with photos and memories.
I have yet to punch holes in the cover to actually make it a connected book. Truth be told, I'm reaalllyyy nervous that I'm going to mess it up, especially since I've had no stumblings in the project so far. A dreaded "oops!" moment is lurking around the corner. So now I'm on the hunt for binder ring size grommets to protect the fabric from unraveling when I work up the courage to finish this stage of book-making. Anyone done this before?

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