Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Handmade Christmas

I know, I's June. But last year my hubs & I decided to do a handmade christmas for all of our gifts (except I bought him dirtbiking pants-but besides that-oh and the glow in the dark basketball for my younger brother.) But all  the majority of our gifts were handmade, which I will post pics of later because right now all I can focus on is this Christmas :) One thing at a time around here. So why in the world am I thinking about Christmas in June? Well we didn't start the making of gifts until November last year. Bad Plan. I mean it all worked in the end, but we seriously cut it thisclose. As in finishing on Christmas Eve and giving gifts within like 2 hours of finishing the making of the gift. Yeah. It was bad. And I want to do it all over again. So that is why we are starting our thinking now and then we can accumulate the necessities & maybe even do some trials of our ideas and be almost DONE making our gifts this November instead of just beginning. There's so much craziness in December just in parties & baking & christmas tree cutting and the list goes on. So here are some cool ideas I'm dreaming of right now (psst-I have all these on my pinterest account if you wanna get mo'info!)
Circuit board becomes belt buckle! Totally nerd-cool.
For the manly-men. Will have to pair this up in some sort of "kit"....
Personalized Tea Towels + Painted Serving Utensils = Hostess Set

And SOMETHING dip-dyed. A scarf? T-shirt? Mittens?.....
I usually give baked goods out to like everyone, so these re-purposed Pringle containers will really come in handy!
I love this idea! Every year I make LOADS of peppermint bark and last year I made chocolate dipped pretzels--maybe this will be a way to do both all at once?!
And then there's this beauty. Such a cool idea.

Any of you done a homemade Christmas? I really enjoyed doing Christmas with the hubs last year, instead me shopping and he finding out what everyone gets as they're opening it. I'm hoping I can continue to carry this tradition on with him every year and not run out of ideas/be able to make things our families will actually like! Nothing worse than a scratchy funkily knitted sweater that your dad has no idea what to do with....

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