Thursday, June 9, 2011

Goodwill Furniture Finds

Yes, I was at the Goodwill again. Missed the flea market over the weekend due to 1) me forgetting and 2) it poured down rain (in JUNE mind you...). Anyways, the Goodwill helps me get through these tough times, here's what I spotted:

Coffee Table $18.99
I really like the block pattern, and that it was pretty low to the ground. It would be fun for one of those exotic lands inspired dining rooms where you sit on amazing floor cushions and eat amazing food and have an amazing time...

And then there's this chair $32.99 (what's with the big prices this time around?!). Anyways this shape is super cool, it's permanently semi-reclined. Perfect for reading or dvding. And while the fabric isn't in that poor of condition, I would want it re-upholstered because 1) it's a bit bland and 2) you never know where it's been or what/whose butt has sat on it...

Ok, so who trusted me & visited the Goodwill all on their own???

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