Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sneaky Stripes

Everytime we move I get to really go through and look at everything I own and reassess what is worth keeping. You can learn a lot about yourself or anyother person just by noticing what is in their home--or junk drawer or hall closet too. I have realized that I really like stripes. Looking back on some of the things I've posted here, I probobly should have known that already, but I guess I take a little more convincing. It's actually pretty exciting, usually you come across a decorating theme and it seems like nothing you own fits that. Well folks, I like stripes and I already own some striped items :)

Striping on the foot of my trifle bowl (sadly, I forgot I even had this till I pulled every last piece out of my cabinets...)

And my very own plates that I've stared at every dinner for the past (almost) 3 years! HELLO! WAKEUP! (p.s. I know that pic is super yellow--the plates are ivory..still working out a cooperation agreement with my camera)

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