Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family Fun

Spent the first weekend of our trip at my hubby's family reunion. We had a GREAT weekend of swimming, laughing  & of course eating too. Here's a little re-cap:

New version of ultimate frisbee, played with beer...or other drink if you prefer. In a nutshell: throw frisbee to knock off bottle on top of pole,  all players must hold drink in one hand--meaning you only have one hand to catch the frisbee/falling bottle (each worth one point to opposing team if you fail!). It was hilarious fun. Beware that the competition gets intense quickly and new rules will begin in a flurry! No WW3's please! :)
Rescued an adorable kitten from the bushes. This took pretty much one full day and we had a whole army digging through the vines to get this little cutie out.
Had the traditional mexican food night, complete with lingua. And I tried one miniscule bite. Well, at least I can say I tried it...

Tanner got to spend some quality time with his girlfriend.
And the hubs got to pass along the golf trophy (highest score 'wins').This was the perfectweekend to kick off our 'gypsy summer'. Next stop--Lake Mead!

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