Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's try that again!

Well our trip got delayed...we finally arrived at Lake Mead on Wednesday, after getting a truck part and then I got a brief visit from Mr. Stomach Flu. Yuck-O! We were all set on Tuesday to head out mid-day, stopped for lunch on our way outta town and I had to run out on everyone for a personal moment behind the restaurant. It was lovely. Ugh. So we headed back to Uncle Chuck & Aunt Diane's house for me to re-coop. (Psst- if you're reading this-BIG THANK YOU!!).The next morning we were super ready to get this thing started (again)!! Oh, and it was drizzly--super wierd for a California June..
It was quite a thrill to be packed up & on the road 'for reals' this time. Along the way we stopped at the hubs so called 'favorite playground' AKA Mohave Desert.
We took a detour to what's known as "The Airport". It was fun to see where he loves to ride and the trail he and Blake blazed all on their own!
See it? It's to the far right. And yes I did just do the which hand makes an "L" thing.
And we also went to Red Rock Canyon real quick to use the potties. Ok so it was just me that needed them, but I'm sure you already figured that out.

Started pracitcing catching road signs so I can catch funny streetnames & state signs.
Passed lots & lots of Joshua trees when we entered into Nevada. (missed my first state sign oppurtunity)
Finally, we arrived at Lake Mead. At 4 pm. 104 `F!! So we quickly picked a site with plenty of shade and headed down to the lake and just sat in it for a good hour. It was fabulous.

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