Thursday, June 2, 2011

Purse Purging

After moving & sorting our belongings for storage/road trip supplies, I finally tackled my purse...It was pretty bad! This was after I had gotten started throwing things away (before I remembered to take a picture!):

And my exhausted purse enjoyed the break.

It's amazing all that I got to fit in there, it was literally a Mary Poppins bag. So it made me start to think,  I obviously have a thing about filling up all available space possible in my maybe I should use a smaller purse? Genius! Here's my current purse (ok technically a wristlet), hopefully I can stick to it!

The only bummer is that my glasses don't fit inside, which leaves me with the following debate:
1) start wearing contacts or
2) Remember to grab them out of the car when I get where I'm going before I need them.
Hmm...decisions, decisions...

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