Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scrapbook from Scrap Part II

Finally worked up the courage to puncture my scrapbook cover and make it an official book. It was quite an adventure, let me tell you! I recruited the hubs to drill (yikes!) holes in the cover to make room for the grommets (which I found out are actually called eyelets).
So we picked a drill bit to fit the size of the hole the eyelet would need and got to work. We had to hold the fabric real tight to keep it from twisting & tearing as the drill worked it's way through.
Then got goin' on inserting the eyelets. After inserting the eyelet we used a couple flat-head screwdrivers to hold the fabric ends in place as we folded the eyelet over. We then had the genius idea to use a second one on the opposite side to prevent the fabric from fraying further. Then we realized we were doing it backwards, the outer side of the back cover is backwards. Yeah,  picture that!  Or just skip ahead to the pic below and this rambling will make much more sense. As we went along we realized that the eyelets are fit to do this process. One is smaller than the other so they fit inside each other. We figured this out when we grabbed a small one first and then had to carefully pry it out of the fabric cover! It was quite frightening. But that's what I get for not following or even reading any directions.
But we got through it and I certainly could not have done it without the hubs.  Lookit how perfect it is now!
I've also added some more inside the book itself. I added a map to the front page to track where we actually end up going on our trip.
And I also added a few patterned papers and a few envelopes for stashing things like tickets or maps from the various hotspots we will be visiting on our roadtrip. 
And more stickers are in a big envelope at the very end of the book. I love them stickers a lot, a lot!
The book fits into those square scrapbook organziers so everything (book & supplies) will be contained throughout the trip. What luck!
The plan is to use Snapfish & my MyCokeRewards points to pick up prints along the way to add into the book as well. Anyone else ever make a roadtrip journal? I want to do something fun for the cover. I think it needs something sewn on, but since I'm not too good at sewing nor am I brave enough to put my book at the mercy of yet another machine, I'm hoping to find a patch then I can just stitch a bit around that. We shall see. I hope I use this book and its worth all the work  and stress that has gone into this thing! But hey, at least it's pretty from the outside so far!

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