Saturday, June 11, 2011

You can't always win...

Being "bargain brained" can be a severe handicap. A couple weeks ago I saw a bikini that I just had to have for $27.90 at H&M. Great deal right? Well I didn't think so..I've conditioned myself to have too high (or is it low??) standards for outstanding prices. I put the suit back on the rack because I have a giftcard to Westfield malls & a *new* H&M just opened in one nearby. So I justified that I would be getting the bikini for free by going to mall and buying it there. So I convinced my hubby to make a quick stop at the mall (HAH! Is there such a thing?), he only agreed because it was a BIKINI that I wanted to buy...I had no doubt that my stroke of luck (getting the hubs into the mall without complaining) would result in a win for me, the bikini and my hubby. WRONG. Apparently I have good taste because the sizes available were so not mine. So the clerk (obviously feeling compassionate that I had gotten my "I stick out like a sore thumb at the mall" husband into this frivilous store and was going to leave empty handed and which means I no chance of ever getting him back into a store with me ever, ever, ever again) called the first location I saw the bikini to see if they still had my size. No luck. So he gave me the barcode numbers and I dragged my feet and moped alllll the way out of the mall. Now, I called both locations daily to see if they had gotten more in their shipments. Took 4 days. Got the top at one spot, bottoms at the other. Moral of the story: Don't be so much of a penny pincher! And after all that she is! It was soooo worth the pain & suffering to get this into my hot little hands.

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