Saturday, June 18, 2011


DIY BBQ, that's almost another language with accronyms right there. Well, since I made sugar scrub for Mother's Day, I figured I should come up with something comparable to give for Father's Day. So I came up with making BBQ sauce. Now, I didn't have all my fun paints & ribbons and such to make the bottles all pretty. But I figured since my dad and father-in-law are the 'manly-man' type that they won't miss the fluff. And in that light, lets cut to chase and get to the breakdown.

Ingredients: ketchup (lots, about 2 cups per batch), apple-cider vinegar, Tapatio (or other hot sauce), cumin, cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic, red pepper and worcester. Also brown sugar, honey and salt which I didn't manage to get in this picture.

Now you may remember that I don't follow directions too well when it comes to recipes and any really any crafty type project. So the recipe (which I found on Google and I can't remember which site, but if you search homemade bbq sauce you're bound to find it) anyways the recipe was 2 cups of ketchup and then teaspoons & tablespoons of the other stuff listed above. But with those small additions, it still tasted like plain old ketchup. So I did what I do best: starting dumping random quanitities, stirring a lot and sampling till I got some flav-uh. But it was a challeng, let me tell you! The flavors were just not noticable enough. Maybe for some of you it'd be perfect, but I like to be SLAMMED with flavor. So I decided to let it sit overnight (in the fridge of course) to see if the flavors would 'mesh' overnight and magically become a flawless blend. It kinda worked. I added more worcester sauce before jarring it. Jarring? Is that a real verb?

And here's my beautiful masculine concoction in a straight forward, ribbonless jar. Time to fire up the grill!

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